🐓325 Big Idea

Sending this as a personal favor to my Mentor. This isn’t San Angelo-esque but it intrigues me.

🐓325 Big Idea
Resolute Square 

💡One Big Idea: Friend, thank you for subscribing to this email. I promised not to spam you with information, but thought id share an interesting idea that is proposed by Republicans: ones a Romney guy, ones a McCain guy.

🤨Why this Matters: These guys loathe Trump, and, if I'm frank, so do I. I am conservative first, but I prefer Bush or Coolidge. I like to speak softly but carry a big stick. However, like a college age girl who tries to change an unwilling guy, I've been thinking of being an informal adviser. Tell them about my friends from San Angelo. That those methods won't work here. We saved a base from closing. We take care of our own.

🧐I need feedback and prayer. I know these guys on a cursory level. I have been given some knowdledge of their plan and launch, but I need feedback and buy in from you.

Their launch is minutes away: grab a pen and paper. take notes. I can talk to their adviser tomorrow.

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