2022 Midterm Reaction for San Angelo

Local reaction and takeaways from elections in San Angelo and Texas.

2022 Midterm Reaction for San Angelo
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

In what many (including me) thought would be a huge red wave, it wasn't as pronounced.

San Angelo

In Tom Green County, former San Angelo City Councilor and proud parent of a Cornerstone Christian School student easily won his race to become  County Judge by beating a write-in candidate. What does that mean? I'll let you be the judge of that.

Prop A passed, making San Angelo a sanctuary city for the unborn. While successful, it seems like odd timing, especially after Dobbs and the fact that this is highly conservative.



As a surprise to no one, Governor Abbott won again, which is predictable. Ken Paxton also won despite his legal woes. There was no dramatic shift yet, but Texas remains solidly red.


We do not know much, given that votes are still being counted, but overall the midterms on the federal level weren't as bad as those in the White House originally thought, according to my sources. I also found it interesting that, at this moment, quite a few 2020 election deniers lost.  

Ryan's takeaways

  • Republicans had a good night
  • Despite his stroke, people responded better to Fetterman than Oz
  • It will still take a while to tabulate votes
  • Unrelated, but spoke to students at ASU and was called Sir...

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