San Angelo Today: Shannon nurse receives DAISY award

Shannon Nurse receives award, Tom Green County Appraisal Meeting, and more.

San Angelo Today: Shannon nurse receives DAISY award
Photo by Courtney Rose / Unsplash

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1 Big Thing: Our interview with Shannon's Brittany Manuel

The news: Every year, from May 6th-12th, National Nurses Week is celebrated in healthcare facilities throughout the country. To celebrate its nurses, Shannon gives DAISY Awards to three nurses who are seen as leaders not only in their units but throughout the entire company. interviewed Brittany Manuel who received a DAISY Nurse Leader Award earlier this week.

Why it matters: Nurses are the unsung heroes in the healthcare industry. They are the ones who interact with patients the most and play multiple different roles during any given work shift. San Angelo in particular is well served by Angelo State and Howard who both produce the majority of nurses hired by Shannon each year. To receive this award, Manuel stood out from every other nurse and has been a mentor and role model to those around her.  

Of note: Kelli Hill, Director of Infection Control and Employee Health also received a DAISY award while Irene Walter received a lifetime achievement award.

Read the interview here:

Shannon Nurse Brittany Manuel receives DAISY Nurse Leader Award during National Nurses Week
Manuel was one of three Shannon nurses to receive a DAISY award.